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At Relevant Data, we understand that Information Governance encompasses a wide array of disciplines, from data privacy and security to records management and compliance. Our comprehensive suite of services includes:
Technology-Driven: Leveraging the latest technology and best practices, we provide innovative solutions that streamline processes, enhance security, and deliver measurable benefits to your organization.Data Privacy and Compliance: Navigate the complex web of data protection laws and regulations with our expert guidance. We help you establish policies and practices that ensure compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and other relevant regulations, minimizing risk and protecting your organization from potential liabilities.

Information Lifecycle Management: Implement policies and systems to manage the flow of information throughout its lifecycle—from creation or receipt through processing, distribution, storage, and eventual disposal. Our approach helps you reduce costs, optimize data access, and ensure legal and regulatory compliance.

Records Management: Develop and maintain a records management program that aligns with industry best practices and legal requirements. Our services include classification schemes, retention schedules, and secure destruction policies, ensuring your records are managed efficiently and compliantly.

Data Governance and Quality: Establish a data governance framework that ensures the integrity, quality, and security of your data assets. Our experts assist in setting up governance structures, defining data standards, and implementing processes to maintain high-quality, reliable data across your organization.

E-Discovery and Litigation Readiness: Enhance your readiness for legal challenges with our e-discovery and litigation support services. By integrating Information Governance and e-discovery processes, we help you respond to legal requests swiftly and cost-effectively, reducing the risks and expenses associated with litigation.

Data governance services

Relevant Data’s expertise in Information Governance presents a strategic advantage for law firms and corporations, particularly in aligning information governance practices with litigation and compliance concerns. By establishing robust information governance policies, Relevant Data ensures that clients are not only prepared for the litigation process but are also proactive in managing their data in a way that minimizes legal risks. These practices involve the systematic control of information creation, storage, use, and disposal, ensuring that data is managed in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. This forward-thinking approach not only streamlines the discovery process when litigation arises but also significantly reduces the potential for compliance breaches, safeguarding the client against costly fines and reputational damage.

Why Partner with RDT?

Expertise: Our team of Information Governance professionals brings a wealth of experience and specialized knowledge to tackle the unique challenges faced by law firms and corporations.
Customized Solutions: Recognizing that no two organizations are the same, we offer tailored solutions designed to meet your specific needs and objectives, ensuring optimal results.
Strategic Approach: We take a strategic, holistic view of Information Governance, considering not only the legal and regulatory requirements but also the ways in which effective data management can drive business success.

Relevant Data’s integration of information governance with eDiscovery processes allows for a more efficient and targeted approach to identifying and collecting potentially relevant data during litigation. By having predefined policies and procedures in place for data management, clients can quickly respond to discovery requests, reducing the time and expense involved in collecting and reviewing vast quantities of data. This efficiency is crucial in litigation, where time is often of the essence, and the ability to rapidly produce relevant information can greatly influence the outcome of a case. Relevant Data’s expertise ensures that clients have at their disposal an optimized eDiscovery process that is both cost-effective and legally defensible.


Transform Your Information Management

In the digital age, effective Information Governance is critical to legal and business success. At Relevant Data, we’re dedicated to providing the expertise and solutions you need to manage your information assets strategically and compliantly. Whether you’re looking to mitigate risks, enhance operational efficiency, or prepare for future legal challenges, our Information Governance services are designed to support your goals.

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