Facilities Management Services for Legal Professionals

The facilities management services at RDT are designed to ensure that your legal practice operates smoothly, efficiently, and without interruption. We understand the importance of a well-managed facility in maintaining productivity and professionalism. Our suite of services includes:

  • Office Space Solutions: From finding the right space to negotiating leases, we handle all aspects of office management, ensuring your legal team works in an environment that fosters efficiency and productivity.
  • Technology Infrastructure: We provide comprehensive technology solutions, including secure data centers, robust IT support, and cutting-edge legal technology tools to keep your firm at the forefront of legal practice.
  • Document Management Systems: Our document management solutions ensure that your files are organized, accessible, and secure, facilitating easy retrieval and management of critical documents.
    Maintenance and Security: We offer complete maintenance services to keep your facilities in top condition, alongside advanced security measures to protect your assets, data, and personnel.
Legal documents management

Relevant Data’s integration of Facilities Management services within law firms represents a significant leap towards modernizing legal practices. This approach not only streamlines the handling of vast amounts of legal documents but also ensures their accessibility and security. By managing documents onsite, Relevant Data allows law firms to swiftly access critical information while maintaining strict control over confidentiality.

Litigation Support Services

In addition to managing your facilities, we offer specialized litigation support services to assist law firms and corporate legal departments in the preparation and execution of their legal strategies. Our services are designed to complement your legal expertise, providing support where it’s needed most:

  • Discovery and E-Discovery Management: Our team assists with the entire discovery process, from document retrieval and review to e-discovery, leveraging the latest technology to ensure efficiency and compliance.
  • Trial Preparation Support: We provide comprehensive support during trial preparation, including witness preparation, mock trials, and multimedia presentations to strengthen your case.
  • Case Management Solutions: Utilize our case management systems to streamline workflow, manage deadlines, and keep critical information at your fingertips, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.
  • Legal Research and Writing: Our experts offer legal research and writing services to supplement your team’s efforts, providing well-researched briefs, motions, and other legal documents.
E discovery management

This efficiency in document management is complemented by their eDiscovery and Forensic Data Collections services, which equip law firms with the tools needed to navigate the complexities of digital evidence. As legal proceedings increasingly rely on digital data, having these capabilities seamlessly integrated into the firm’s operations ensures that attorneys have immediate access to vital information, enhancing their ability to build stronger cases and advise their clients effectively.

Furthermore, Relevant Data’s provision of scanning and printing services as part of their Facilities Management portfolio addresses a key operational need within law firms. The ability to quickly convert and reproduce documents on demand within the firm’s facilities reduces turnaround times and enhances the flexibility of legal teams to respond to developments in their cases.

By bringing these high-tech legal facilities management services under one roof, Relevant Data is not just providing operational support to law firms; it is fundamentally transforming how they operate. This modernization of legal facilities management by Relevant Data not only improves the day-to-day operations of law firms but also positions them to better meet the evolving expectations of their clients. In doing so, Relevant Data plays a crucial role in helping law firms navigate the future of legal practice, marked by rapid technological advancements and changing legal landscapes.

Why Choose RDT?

  • Integrated Services: We offer a unique combination of facilities management and litigation support, providing a one-stop solution for law firms and corporations.
  • Expertise: Our team is comprised of experienced professionals in both facilities management and legal support services, ensuring expert guidance and execution.
  • Customization: We understand that every legal team is unique. Our services are tailored to meet your specific needs, ensuring optimal support for your legal operations.
  • Confidentiality and Security: We uphold the highest standards of confidentiality and security, ensuring that your data and operations are protected at all times.
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At Relevant Data, we are dedicated to providing the support and infrastructure necessary for law firms and corporations to excel in the competitive legal landscape. Our comprehensive facilities management and litigation support services are designed to streamline your operations, enhance your capabilities, and ultimately, contribute to your success in legal matters.
Contact us today to learn how our tailored solutions can elevate your legal practice, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional legal services to your clients.

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